Eileen Coe of Savvy Tender Touch has been a God send to us at Pine Meadows Equine Trust Stables.  We started  P.E.T.S. in late May of this year with 5 rescue horses. We were fortunate to get some press coverage and that article was seen by Eileen.
She called to volunteer her services to help the horses settle in to their new environment, and to relieve the stress of their recent experiences. All of the horses responded very well to Eileen's therapy and were soon happy and thriving in their new home. Since her first visit, Eileen has been back faithfully every week to give our horses the benefit of her healing skills, and as been exceedingly supportive of our efforts.  We look forward to her visits, where she shares her knowledge and experience with us, and we value her friendship greatly.
Rick & Julia
Pine Meadow Equine Trust Stables