How do I know my horse needs acupressure?
Horses, by nature, are very stoic creatures.  It is their survival instinct to hide pain or discomfort. Often times, what we notice as discomfort (sore back, trouble flexing, refusal or difficulty taking a particular lead, sour attitude) is really the last straw. There has been compensation in the soft tissue for some time and they are no longer able to mask the issue. For example, they may seem to be stiff in the right shoulder, but during our session, I may find it is actually a problem with the left rear or hind. I work with what I find on my assessment.  It is like "peeling the layers of an onion."

How often should my horse have acupressure?
As part of recovery from a veterinary diagnosis and treatment, frequency is dependent on the length and severity of injury or diagnosis.  Keep in mind that the longer the symptom has been there, the more sessions may be required in order to notice significant changes.  As a maintenance program, usually once every 2 - 4 weeks is sufficient.

What should I do with my horse after an acupressure session?
Immediately following acupressure, your horse should have access to water and may have light to moderate exercise, although most horses are so relaxed that a good nap is in order!  It can take up to 48 hours to notice any improvements.  Sometimes, symptoms will appear worse before they appear better.