Acupressure is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has been used for thousands of years to promote health by assisting the body to achieve a harmonious state of balance within itself and in relation to its environment. Like acupuncture, acupressure helps adjust the energy (Chi or Qi) which runs through
the body, by manipulating specific points on the body.  No needles are used, only gentle pressure, which can be adjusted as the horse responds.

Both chronic and short term physical and behavioral imbalances can be helped with acupressure.  Acute situations such as post-surgical rehabilitation, can benefit from a short series of sessions. Chronic problems such as arthritis are best served by an extended series of sessions, because the goal is the help the body to re-balance itself for lasting vitality. Regular sessions are also very effective for prevention of a health crisis.

Acupressure is non invasive and can be part of your horse's overall health routine.

Acupressure is not a substitute for veterinarian care.  Please call your veterinarian if your horse is sick or injured.